Refund policy

Return / Refund Policy

About the return of goods and exchange, we will define as follows.
1. If there is a defect in the product you purchased
If there is a defect or defect in the product that purchased, the purchased product will be checked for a defect place and respond quickly and respond to refund.
■ Example
If the product that has been applied is different from the product you have applied
Products that are damaged, dirty products, etc.

Please contact LINE within 4 days from the product arrival and return it. Please note that we can not accept returns from 5 days after product arrival.
ID: @ 339OBDDD
URL: https: //
If you are contacted by LINE, please be sure to specify the purchased product, purchase date, name, address, phone number, and return reasons.
(If you are not listed, you may not be able to accept it.)
※ About defective products, we will bear shipping fee and fee.
※ We can not accept return / exchange of SALE products.
※ We can not accept direct returns and exchanges from products that purchased from other than this site. Please contact the dealer you purchased.

2. Return and exchange of good products
Except when there is a defect in the product, we do not accept any returned goods exchanges due to your convenience. We do not accept returns to other products due to customer circumstances such as "unintentional" and "unintentional", "I can not fit" "I ordered".
Please carefully consider your order details before "Order Confirmation".
■ Example
If you can notify you by email within 4 days after the product arrival
Products used
Sale goods, lucky bags such as planned products
Ordered product
Products that cause scratches or damage under customers
If the state when you return the product (including boxes and accessories) to our company, it is extremely different from delivering
It is judged that resale is not possible (our standard)
(Perfume smell, adhesion of cosmetics, damage to product damage, dirt, package tags and lower tags without a tag.
Skin touch, such as underwear, and returned goods cut
After delivery, repair, cleaning etc.
※ Customers who repeated returns may not be used if you not refuse returned goods. note that.

3. Product Cancel
Since the order is confirmed and then automatically proceeds quickly by system linkage to shipping work, it can not be supported for cancellation after confirmation and change of order content.
With new product sales, excuse me, but please enjoy shopping after confirming that the product is noisy.

4. All refund methods vary depending on the payment method.
[When using a credit card]
It is a method of setting each card company regulations.
※ Due to the closing date of the card company, please note that it will be withdrawn once.
[Case of cash on delivery]
Transfer the refund for your bank account.
Returns Please list your bank account information for your desired email.
※ Various commissions will be borne by the customer if you refund by the customer convenience.
※ Transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

5. Cancellation by ordering and out of stock
If the order is rushed, the case is rare cases where the number of inventory can be ordered or more.
If the corresponding case occurs, you may cancel your settlement confirmed after out of stock.
If you want to cancel it, please contact LINE or email and refund the full payment.
Please note.

6. Cooling off
Internet mail order is different from visiting sales and telephone solicitation sales, etc. Because of the sales form that customers can order carefully, the Cooling Off System It is not applicable to. note that.

7. About receipt

About request for receipts, we will arrive after payment in the store, "Order Fixed Mail" is replaced with receipt.
I will respond individually invoices.


8.Order historyabout
If you want to check the order history, please contact us and contact that effect from "Contact".

Return contact information
ID: @ 339OBDDD
URL: https: //
Mail contact:
Return address: 〒150-0012
Hiroo 1-14-15 Qualia Hiroo 1105
※ Please contact the store for purchases and inquiries for products for purchases other than our shop.